About Us

Hallmark Production, a full service casting and production company with extensive knowledge of project structuring, implementation, and timely delivery, is based in Studio City, California, and is a subsidiary of Hallmark Channel. 
We enjoy what we do and believe that being a part of the process of bringing characters to life is the most rewarding thing we can do. 
We cast for a variety of projects under our parent network, including feature films, television, web, theater, industrial, commercial, print, and voice over.
Each and every role is equally important to us. We scout talent and always find the best actor, face, and persona to match a character.
We take pride in using high quality stage equipment to provide the best visual, motion, and sound quality engagements, while also creating clear pictures with the use of props and wardrobes and ensuring that our talent feels relaxed and enjoys the audition process in a safe environment.
Our cast of characters is well-known on screen, stage, and the internet. Our network effects, teams, and relationships are strong; we cast name talent, and our expertise in local and global casting and searches is well vast in the industry.

Our Services

The heart of Hallmark Production is storytelling and aesthetic vision. In a variety of mediums, we create and develop both new and original content. We provide start-to-finish services in bringing concepts and words to life for practically any moving image production, whether it’s a huge film or a webseries. In all areas and stages of the filmmaking process, a la carte consulting and field production services are also accessible. We take pride in seeing projects through to the end with collaborative and persistent efforts.

creative services

• script notes & consultations
• copywriters
• distribution consultation
• art directors
• creative teams
• scriptwriting
• branding & marketing
• distribution strategy

production services

• location guidance and booking
• crew member
• budgeting
• scheduling
• consultation at all stages of development and distribution
• post & audio access
• legal referral
• access to equipment and hiring
• assistance with travel & lodging

production cast

• SAG-AFTRA guidance
• directors
• crew referrals
• editors
• music composition
• celebrity & music negotiations
• art directors
• costume designers
• casting actors & voiceover talent
• production designers

modeling services

• ad and commercials
• scouting and bookings
• product ambassador
• fashion week event organiser
• escorts



We often have casting roles for Actors, Models, Extras to fill up. To be considered for any upcoming or future casting with us, submit yourself to casting calls using the form below.

For actors, models and extras only: Please, do not submit resume or headshot here. Instead, kindly submit your details and wait for our response as we assign an appropriate role for you!

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Visit is strictly by Appointment Only.
Mon & Thu. 10:30 a.m – 2:00 p.m

Working Hours

Monday – Wednesday : 09:15 a.m. – 04:15 p.m.

Thursday – Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.

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